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Oh La La

OH LA LA is the latest project from the Wild At Heart team, which has been created as a web series for the European market, written by James Egan, directed by Johanna Demetrakis and co-directed by N.C. Heikin.  A border-crossing (literally!) situation comedy, it’s presented as a twelve minute video.This format is tailored especially for the French youth market.

Oh La La premiered at the 2010 Palm Springs International ShortFest, to critical acclaim. CBS2 called it "hilarious" & "original."

The story follows the lives of four young French people – Anne, Eddie, Jean Christophe, and Axelle – as they try to live out their dreams in the glamorous, anything-goes, one and only City of Angels.

Our foursome rent a place from Susie the landlady, who has only one prerequisite for her tenants: to be a Francophone.  She was twice married to Frenchmen, and would like nothing better than to make that three.

Did you know there are nearly two hundred thousand French people living in Los Angeles?  Some want to get rich, some just want a year-round tan, but most came to be in a place where life has no limits.   OH LA LA is a comedic take on that life, focusing on the dysfunctional daily activities, romantic hopes, and wild schemes of our four expatriates.

Paws and Stripes

Paws and Stripes, a reality documentary TV series, is a co-production with 2 Rivers Productions and award-winning filmmaker Janice Engel. The show will chronicle the stories of veterans suffering from PTSD and TBI (Traumatic Brain Injuries), and how their lives are changed by the special service dogs provided to them by the incredible non-profit organization "Paws and Stripes."

However, these are not just your regular 'service dogs, but rescue dogs from shelters who most likely would be euthanized if they were not adopted.  In the simplest sense, the veteran rescues the dog, and the dog rescues the veteran helping them to navigate and reintegrate back into normal civilian life. Founded by Jim and Lindsey Stanek last May, Paws has been up and running just less than a year. They already have a waiting list of over a hundred.

This documentary series will give the subject matter the space and depth it needs to tell the full unblemished story of what these guys have been through, what their wives, girlfriends and kids go through living with them and how unwanted dogs desperate to be adopted, love and help them all unconditionally to regain a sense of place in their own life and to move forward. And we are hoping that the VA sees this series and officially adopts the Paws and Stripes program to help other vets. Or at the very least gets Paws and Stripe unlimited funding so they can expand into a national program. In this view, everyone wins.

Paws and Stripes Website

WILD AT HEART FILMS was founded by James Egan: producer, screenwriter, and a screenwriting professor at the USC Graduate School of Cinematic Arts.