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Lillian, Next Door

(Pre-Production) Set in present-day Arlington, VA, Lillian, Next Door tells the story of an irreverent widow who provokes an unlikely friendship with her young new neighbor that pushes his relationship with his partner to the breaking point. As they all navigate the lies they’ve lived, they are forced to confront the secrets of their past.

Lillian, Next Door was written by Tim Atkin and will be directed by Janice Engel and produced by James Egan.

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Wild About Harry

Set in Cape Cod in 1973, Wild About Harry (formerly titled American Primitive) tells the story of a teenage girl, Madeline (Danielle Savre), who wants nothing more than to fit in after moving into a new town with her family. That turns out to be more difficult than she could have imagined when she finds out that her dad's business partner is actually his boyfriend.

Wild About Harry was produced by James Egan and written & directed by Gwen Wynne. The film was a joint production effort of Wild at Heart Films, Cape Cod Entertainment, and Firebrand Entertainment.

Starring: Danielle Savre, Tate Donovan, Adam Pascal, Skye McCole Bartusiak, and Josh Peck.

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Executive Produced by James Egan and Marlise Karlin, and co-financed by Wild at Heart Films, Jackpot won the John Cassavetes Award for best low-budget feature at the 2001 Independent Spirit Awards. The film was released worldwide by Sony Pictures Classics.

Sunny Holiday, an aspiring singing star, abandons his wife and young baby to set off on a nine-month tour of bleak western towns. He takes off with his road manager in a pink Chrysler in search of their own version of the American Dream: a country loving audience.

Starring: John Gries, Darryl Hannah, and Adam Baldwin

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Wild at Heart Films provided the seed financing that attracted major talent to Northfork, such as James Woods, Nick Nolte, and Darryl Hannah.

Following their super-quirky films Twin Falls Idaho and Jackpot, the Polish brothers take a leap of faith with their third picture, Northfork. And it pays off handsomely. Somewhere in the desolate Midwest, the town of Northfork is about to be drowned in the waters held back by a new dam. It's up to a group of men (in identical black suits and fedoras) to clear out the last stubborn landowners. Meanwhile, a deathly ill boy bargains with a delegation of heaven-sent searchers--at least that's what they seem to be.

Is this Fargo meets Touched by an Angel? That's the peculiar feel of this otherwise unclassifiable movie, which veers from academic artiness to wacky blackout humor. Who can explain the restaurant where diners must guess the lone menu item? And who would want to? James Woods and Nick Nolte lead a game cast through this oddly winning enterprise. --Robert Horton



WILD AT HEART FILMS was founded by James Egan: producer, screenwriter, and a screenwriting professor at the USC Graduate School of Cinematic Arts.