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Documentary: The Defector

Directed by three time Academy Award-winning director, Mark Jonathan Harris,

"The Defector" is an extraordinary story about the struggles, sacrifices, and triumph of Victor Kravchenko, a high-ranking Soviet official, who risked his life and his family, to bring truth to the world.

A modern-day myth, “The Defector” follows Andrew Kravchenko’s quest to understand his heroic but very complicated father and discover what led him to sacrifice family, friends, and the Communist Party he had dedicated his life to, for freedom in the U.S. It is also Andrew’s attempt to grasp the personal and collective impact of his father’s (Victor’s) actions and to fulfill the legacy his father began but could not finish.

Genre: Feature Documentary
Language: English with some subtitles
Release date: July 2008

Cast & Crew

Narrator: Liev Schreiber
Director: Mark Jonathan Harris
Producer: James Egan
Producer: Andrew Kravchenko
Co-Producer/ Writer: Paul Wolansky
Line Producer: Rebecca Hartzell
Editor: Victor Livingston
Composer: Lisa Gerrard

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