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Documentary: Angels In the Dust

"Angels in the Dust" is the moving story about an extraordinary woman, Marion Cloete, who along with her family, gave up a privileged life to start an orphanage, providing a home for over 500 children who lost one or both parents due to HIV/AIDS.

This is a story of hope, healing, compassion, and selflessness in the wake of an overwhelming epidemic of HIV/AIDS, rape, violence, and the social and political unrest caused by Apartheid.

Angels In the Dust press coverage

Genre: Documentary
Language: English
Opens in Theaters: 9/14/07

Cast & Crew

Writer/Director: Louise Hogarth
Producer: James Egan
Producer: Louise Hogarh
Co-Producer: Tessa Treadway
Producer (South Africa): Rosalie Pelser
Distributor: Cinema Libre Studio
Executive Producers: Jeff Skoll, Diane Weyermann

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